Month: July 2013

Pension crisis findings revealed

Research recently published by the Prudential has claimed that tens of thousands of Britons will retire into poverty this year. Of those who will leave work in 2013, one fifth will be below the poverty line, whilst 14% will have no personal or work pension at all and must expect to rely solely on the...

Self-employed missing out on pensions

Self-employed people are individually missing out on an estimated pension boost of over £90,000 over their working life because they do not benefit from employer contributions, according to the latest research by insurer Prudential.

Retire or work on?

Figures released by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) in June 2013 show that there are now more than one million over 65s continuing to work and earn after passing their anticipated point of retirement. This is the highest number since the ONS started collating this data in 1971.

Income tax higher rate threshold changes

Changes by the Government to the ‘higher rate threshold’, which is the level of income after which taxpayers begin to pay the 40 per cent higher rate of tax, mean that it will increase by 1 per cent, for 2014/15 and 2015/16 to £41,865 and £42,285 respectively.

July Market Commentary

June saw the G8 summit taking place in Northern Ireland – but amid the talk of recession, tax evasion and the cost of the security, it was the fate of two men that stole the headlines.