Month: August 2013

Building a personal savings portfolio

We are all being encouraged to save for our futures, while at the same time many of us feel discouraged by low interest rates and returns on our savings.

Ten top tips for reducing your tax bill

1. Pay into a pension scheme Invest in a company or personal pension scheme and gain tax breaks on your personal pension contributions. 2. Maximise personal allowances…

Ten tips on how to avoid Identity Fraud

Around one in three of us in the UK can expect to be a victim of identity theft or fraud at least once in our lifetime. Two common attacks by criminals are that they either take over your identity or steal your credit/debit card identity. Either way, you can be done by the fraudster, quickly...

August Market Commentary

Introduction There was good news and bad news for the world economy in July – as ever, commentators were divided on whether the glass was half full or half empty…

Stock Market Volatility: What it is and what it means to you

Units can fall as well as rise in value and you may not get back the amount invested.