Month: January 2014

Family finances: discussing simple core finances

Many of us are still uncomfortable when it comes to discussing our family finances, but doing so can help the whole household to save money and ensure that wealth within the family is protected for future generations.

Athlete’s finances: financial planning is so important for the rest of us

Whilst many of us may imagine that highly paid professional athletes have little need to worry about their future incomes, a study into the finances of professional sports people in the US has suggested otherwise.

10 New Year’s Resolutions for your Financial Planning

The economies on both sides of the Atlantic might be showing clear signs of an upturn as we start the New Year, but that doesn’t mean we can suddenly afford to ignore our personal financial planning. So in the best traditions of New Year here are ten financial planning resolutions that will hopefully help make...

10 Savings Tips for 2014

When 2013 started there were real fears that the UK could slip back into recession. As the year ends the outlook is much more optimistic, with the Chancellor confirming increased expectations for growth in his recent Autumn Statement. In America the Federal Reserve has just released an encouraging assessment of the US economy, and there...

January Market Commentary

‘2013 was a good year for Greece’ – some unexpected words to start our first bulletin of the year with, but among some truly impressive stock market performances in 2013 the Greek index was up 27% to close at 1,163. It’s perhaps still not the place where widows and orphans should be investing, but rather...