Month: June 2014

How long do you think you’ve got left?

A new report from MGM Advantage, put together with research conducted in October 2013, asked the following question of respondents: ‘Being as realistic as you can, approximately how old do you think you’ll live until?’ Compared to the last Office of National Statistics (ONS 2012) forecast, the answer from the 55-64 year olds, proved interesting.

ISAs: now much NISA

Virtually all the headlines surrounding George Osborne’s recent Budget were about the changes to the pensions rules. Rightly described as the biggest changes to pensions legislation for a hundred years, they will have far-reaching implications for the financial planning of many of our clients. With all the attention devoted to pensions, it was easy to...

Are you comfortable managing your own pension savings?

In a post-Budget survey, MGM Advantage revealed data showing the risk people are willing to take managing their own pension savings when rules over pensions come into force in 2015. 28% of the over 55s surveyed said they were not comfortable taking on the risk of managing their own pensions to provide a suitable income...

June Market Commentary

Some months we sit down to write this report and think to ourselves, ‘Not much happened really…’ And then you get a month like the one that’s just finished where pretty much everything happened!