Month: July 2014

9 Financial blogs to further your knowledge of finance

If you are seeking to gain some further insight into world finance and the UK economy, or just want to delve deeper into factors that could affect your personal financial position, then it is likely that there is a financial blog out there for you. To help you to discover some of the best, we...

Over two million over-55 homeowners bank on downsizing

Up to 2.3 million homeowners aged 55 and over are banking on raising money from their homes through downsizing and on average hope to raise around £85,300 each from their property deals, according to new research from Prudential. When asked how they plan to make use of the money raised, over-55 downsizers are equally as...

New ISAs: going the distance with new pensions

‘Out with the old and in with the new’ regimes The Chancellor’s March 2014 Budget may well go down as one of the most radically overhauling game-changers since Lloyd George ushered in the state pension in the 1908 Pensions Act (at the time perceived as dangerously radical).

July Market Commentary

June was a good month for British and Chinese manufacturing, a disastrous month for General Motors (GM) and sadly, the England team who can now be found on the beaches of the Algarve. At least they escaped the anger directed at South Korea’s players, who were pelted with toffees on their return to Seoul!