Building wealth

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The term building 'wealth’ can be misleading as it implies that you have to be rich in the first place. But this isn't the case - all it means is how to build on your current financial position, through a series of financial planning techniques. We work with many clients in order to do just that.

For example, Sarah (49), got in touch with us after she was offered voluntary redundancy. She had worked for the Civil Service for 27 years and felt that she did not want to have to look for another job.

However, she wanted to ensure that she would be able to build on her existing wealth so that she could live out her dreams.

What were her aims?

Her daughter Louisa was expecting Sarah’s first grandchild and Sarah wanted to be able to help look after her grandchild to allow Louisa to return to work.

However, even though she was offered a substantial redundancy settlement, Sarah was worried that she would not have enough money to last until she was able to take her state and private pensions.

She approached us for advice on how she would be able to build wealth, to ensure that she would have enough income to her through to receipt of her pension.

How Fairstone NI helped

We met with Sarah and discussed her financial goals in great detail. We established that she also held a number of shares, which she had lost track of over the years.

We discussed with Sarah how she felt about taking risk, about rewards, volatility and what level of investment loss she could tolerate, for the potential of greater gains.

Whilst we knew that she was going to receive further income in the next 10 years, we wanted to ensure that we could generate a sustainable level of income for her, without eating into her existing capital.

We provided Sarah with an investment plan that was able to generate income in a tax efficient manner, and were able to forecast, using our technology, the return that she could receive over the next 10 years.

The result?

Sarah took redundancy and is now living a very comfortable life, whilst being able to devote the time she spent working with her daughter, Louisa, and her grandson, Ethan.

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