Estate planning

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Estate planning isn't just about how to generate a legacy for children or grandchildren. It’s as much about getting your finances into shape in the here and now, and understanding the impact on your finances should the worst happen. We work with clients to ensure just that.

For example, David and Valerie, both in their mid-70s, were worried about what would happen to their savings should anything happen to one of them.

What were their aims?

David was particularly concerned that Valerie should have enough money available to her immediately if the worst happened.

Valerie was worried that she would not be able to have access to the money as most of the savings were held in various different institutions, and she was not sure exactly what they had or who to contact.

They both wanted to make sure that their capital was safe. At their time in life, they both felt they didn’t want to take too much of a risk with their savings and investments. Having worked hard all their lives, the last thing they wanted was to lose any money now.

How Fairstone NI helped

After meeting with David and Valerie to understand their concerns, we carried out an estate planning exercise to present them with a financial plan that would give them the peace of mind they needed, whilst helping to create a more financially secure future.

Having taken over seven full files of David and Valerie’s paperwork, we tidied this up and created an online ‘filing cabinet’.

This enabled David and Valerie to easily see all of their statements at their convenience, without having lots of files in their home. It also made things more manageable for them both.

Taking on board their feedback and approach to risk, we implemented a cautious investment plan with the main goal to preserve their capital.

The result?

David and Valerie are now confident that, should anything happen to either one of them, they can gain access to their money easily, without having to wait. Not only that, they are safe in the knowledge that their money is not at risk.

To ensure that their goal of long term security is still on target, we meet with them every year to review their investment plan and its performance in line with their objectives.

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