Care fees, inheritance tax and contested wills are all increasing… so how much of your family wealth is protected?

The new Residential Nil Rate Band Allowance has not increased the Inheritance Tax threshold to Β£1 million! Government U-turns on a care fee cap means more families than ever are losing their wealth in care fees. More Wills are being contested, with legal fees and court costs eating into family wealth, whilst the UK continues to have the highest divorce rate in the EU.

This means more family wealth is being lost to the local authority, HMRC, excluded beneficiaries and the ex-son-in-law or ex daughter-in-law!


Question: Can you legitimately stop your family wealth being lost to Inheritance Tax, divorce or moving outside the family bloodline etc?

Answer: Yes! At our upcoming free to attend Bloodline Planning Seminar, you can find out how to protect your wealth, so it passes down to the next generation in the safest, most tax efficient way.


There are two sessions available to attend at 11.00am or 7.00pm. Places are limited, so to reserve your place, you can register via Eventbrite, call us on 02892 605 088 or email

These Educational Seminars are full of information, so don’t miss out!! This event is open to friends, relatives, work colleagues and anyone who may find the information relevant and beneficial.

Refreshments will be provided. Sessions last for 1 hour 30 mins, with a break for tea and coffee and a chance to ask any questions you may have.

P.S. all seminar attendees will be entered into our draw to win a bottle of champagne!